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Always Remember to Turn Off Your Headlight

Life in Penang

There was mixture feelings of eerie and void inside you, when the thing you rely-on everyday suddenly break. This is especially true when you don’t know much about the technology behind it. That was what I felt when my car stopped functioning.

It started when I pressed unlock on my car remote and our precious light blue metallic box did not make the usual headlight flashing and beep beep sound. My wife was with me and she thought the car remote was the problem. So she went back to our apartment to get the spare one.

Meanwhile when I was in the motion of opening the car, my head had analyzed this problem might be related to the battery. It was right, after I found that the headlight switch was on. Judging from the last time we drove out, the light had been on and drained the battery for the last two days. No wonder the car did not budge at all.

I called the only local car service center that I knew. When I tried to confirm my analysis, they told me to stay put and their technician would arrive to help. It was nice of them.

While waiting, I browsed for more informations on this kind of battery problem. I was a bit concern on how it will cost me. So google provided me with this post and I found the following disturbing message,

PS: Dry Car Battery is cheaper and low maintenance but it will be very troublesome when you forgot to switch off your car lights, as it will end up as a real DEAD car battery. The only solution is to change a new car battery which easily cost you RM 200++

Dry cell was my car’s battery cell type.

In less than 15 minutes, the technician came and brought along with him a replacement battery. He told me that it was not possible to determine the problem without inspecting the car. That was why they sent him over. And yes, he confirmed that the car battery was dead. The replacement battery was for me to bring the car over to the service center. So he could next determine whether the old battery was still be fit enough to use or not.

Later at the service center, he confirmed the bad news that the battery could no longer be used. The voltage meter showed 4.6 volt, which was far lower than the standard voltage, 12.6 volt. The car was then installed a new dry cell, Bosch battery and they charged me 300 RM, and another extra 18 RM for GST. However, no extra cost for their service coming with temporary battery and inspection fees.

The service center I was referring to, is the Keat Seng Auto Service in Penang. Although my friend later told me that that battery price was expensive and they did no such thing as offering me any other brand battery option, I still felt satisfied with their service. Everything happened without a fuss and it also happened very quick, so after the fix we went about what we supposed to in the first place.

This might sound like self justification, the battery should be worth it according to Amazon UK’s good reviews.